The Program’s Protocol (including its Schedules) sets outs the procedure, terms, and conditions that apply to the Program. These include:

  • The nature of the compensation that the Program offers.
  • The types of Injuries that are eligible for compensation under the Program.
  • The conditions that need to be met:
    • In order for an Application for compensation to be receivable.
    • If an Application is receivable, in order for you or the person you represent to be eligible to receive compensation under the Program.

Before submitting an Application for compensation under the Program, you should carefully read the Program’s Protocol and its Schedules.

All Applications and other Program forms that are submitted to the Administrator will be dealt with in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Program’s Protocol and its Schedules.

Program Protocol

The Program Protocol sets out the processes and procedures which will be followed for claiming compensation under the AVAT No Fault Compensation Scheme.

Program Definitions

The Program Definitions are the list of definitions used in the Program Protocol.


The AVAT No Fault Compensation Scheme, as detailed in the Protocol and its Schedules.


Serious bodily injury or illness suffered or sustained by a Patient that:

  1. requires Hospitalization or prolongs an existing Hospitalization; and
  2. results in permanent total or partial Impairment; or
  3. is a congenital birth injury or illness in an unborn or new-born child of a woman who received a Vaccine and results in permanent total or partial Impairment; or
  4. results in death.

A written claim for compensation completed by an Applicant on the application form approved by and provided by the Administrator, as set forth in Schedule 2 to the Program's Protocol, which must be accompanied by all Supporting Evidence, using the prescribed form in Schedule 3 to the Program’s Protocol.


ESIS, Inc., the claims Administrator appointed to manage and administer the Program, including, but not limited to, the receipt and registration of Applications, distributing acknowledgements of receipt of Applications, setting financial reserves for Receivable Claims, review of Applications, Supporting Evidence, and other documents to assess receivability, assessing Receivable Claims, and approve or deny, as the case may be, Payment for compensation, in accordance with the terms of the Program's Protocol.

AVAT No Fault Compensation Scheme

A pan-African and pan-Caribbean no fault compensation program established by the AVAT NFCS Trust and administered by the Administrator with the aim of providing compensation to Patients who suffer an Injury (the most likely cause of such Injury (based on the balance of probabilities) being the result of a Vaccine or its administration, without the need for the Patient to demonstrate a defect in the relevant Vaccine or any fault by any person.