To protect their citizens, governments will ask people to take COVID-19 vaccines not just for their own health, but also for the health of their country.

AVAT recognizes that individuals must feel confident their government will take care of them fairly and swiftly if they are seriously injured by a vaccine.

The AVAT No Fault Compensation Scheme for Participating Member States provides eligible vaccine recipients with access to prompt, fair and transparent compensation for Serious Adverse Events associated with COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Information on how to submit an Application, including how to download and print an application pack.

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Program Information

Learn about the program, how it works, the conditions which need to be met for eligibility and download key Supporting Forms to be submitted with the application for compensation.


Guidance on how to submit an Application, how to submit additional documents, how to submit Appeals and Frequently Asked Questions.

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The African Vaccine Acquisition Trust of 7th Floor, Happy World House, 37 Sir William Newton Street, Port-Louis 11328, Mauritius, a centralised negotiating, purchasing, and payment agent incorporated on behalf of the AU Member States and CARICOM Member States for the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines pursuant to the AVAT Framework.

AVAT No Fault Compensation Scheme

A pan-African and pan-Caribbean no fault compensation program established by the AVAT NFCS Trust and administered by the Administrator with the aim of providing compensation to Patients who suffer an Injury (the most likely cause of such Injury (based on the balance of probabilities) being the result of a Vaccine or its administration, without the need for the Patient to demonstrate a defect in the relevant Vaccine or any fault by any person.

Participating Member State

Any AU Member State or CARICOM State that has elected to participate in the AVAT No Fault Compensation Scheme and “Participating Member States” shall mean all such states that have elected to participate in the AVAT No Fault Compensation Scheme.

Serious Adverse Event

A serious untoward medical occurrence that (i) is sustained or suffered by a Patient following the administration of a Vaccine, and (ii) results in an Injury, as defined in the Program's Protocol.


A written claim for compensation completed by an Applicant on the application form approved by and provided by the Administrator, as set forth in Schedule 2 to the Program's Protocol, which must be accompanied by all Supporting Evidence, using the prescribed form in Schedule 3 to the Program’s Protocol.

Supporting Evidence

The supporting evidence, using the form in Schedule 3 to the Program's Protocol, required to evaluate an Application and that shall include:

  1. detailed medical documentation from a Registered Health Professional describing the Injury and medical treatment required as a result of the Injury, together with details of any Hospitalization or prolonged Hospitalization, including but not limited to admission and discharge records;
  2. a description of the nature, extent, functional impact and prognosis of the Injury, as assessed by the Registered Health Professional.
  3. a statement from the Registered Health Professional that the Injury was, in the Registered Health Professional’s opinion, the result of the Vaccine or its administration;
  4. certification from a Registered Health Professional of when, where and which Vaccine was administered;
  5. in the case of death, a death certificate and any other documentation available from a Registered Health Professional of the cause and manner of death; and
  6. any further evidence that the Administrator may deem necessary to adjudicate the Application, and/or Receivable Claim, as applicable, guided, as appropriate, by the Scientific Advisory Committee, the Review Panel, and/or the Appeals Panel.